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Somatic Healing

Somatic therapy is an approach to treatment that uses the body as the main form of healing from varying health issues. Somatic therapy relies on the mind-body connection for treatment, and is beneficial in reducing stress caused by anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues and other mental and emotional ailments. 

Somatic therapy treatment focuses on connecting the mind and body to heal varying health ailments and increases wellness. Somatic therapy includes interventions such as grounding, boundary development, movement and process, titration, and self-regulation as well as complementary and alternative movement modalities such as tai chi, therapeutic touch, massage, and yoga.

 This body-centered approach trains individuals to be more in tune with the physical sensations that manifest as a result of mental and emotional health struggles.

Similar to sensorimotor psychotherapy, it combines psychotherapy techniques such as experiential exploration, talk therapy, dream work, interpretation and reflection, while integrating interoceptive, kinesthetic, and proprioceptive experience as part of the psyche. 

Becoming more mindful of physical sensations assists in the healing process by engaging the reticular arousal systems (RAS); the autonomic nervous system (ANS); the limbic system and the emotional motor system (EMS)

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