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Power Animal Retrieval

During times of vulnerability, power animal energy can help you become stronger and more confident. The energy of Eagle can be gifted to help you fly above situations and see what is actually going on. Energy of Bear could be useful if you were going into a meeting where you needed to be able to hold your ground. Each animal has different qualities, a fly is just as powerful as a whale in Shamanic Terms.

During a healing session I may call upon the energy of a Power Animal for my client – the one that is right for them at this time in their life. The energy is a gift and it must be looked after, so after I help bring it into the client’s soul energy, we talk about the meaning of the animal itself, and ways that they can become a caretaker to the energy. All Power Animal Retrievals are gifted and may have hidden meanings that reveal themselves to the client over time.

When someone’s chakras are clear and spinning in a healthy way, they radiate all the colors of the rainbow. It gives their complexion a healthy look, they look much younger than their years, and they feel light in their body. It seems easy to be in the present moment, easy to see the positive side of things and happiness becomes a daily experience.

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