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Spiritual Counseling/Life Coaching

Counseling and Life Coaching generally refers to a service where a person provides advice or guidance to another person or group. Spiritual counseling refers to such a service when the advice or guidance provided is based on spiritual principles. This does not have to be associated with a major or organized religion. The focus could simply involve connecting the benefits of spirituality with the improvements that a person wants to see in her life.

People generally seek counseling for one of two reasons. First, a person may be trying to overcome one or more problems. These could include substance abuse or depression. Second, the person may want to make some type of change or improvement. This could include career advancement or spiritual development. In either of these situations, counseling is often a resource that provides guidance and assistance in recognizing obstacles.

Many spiritual counselors are non-denominational. This means that they do not subscribe to or encourage the philosophies of any particular religion. These counselors can help individuals who follow a particular religion without imposing on or violating their beliefs. All Spiritual Counselors are Ordained Ministers as well as Pastors.

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